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The Good Day Turns ONE!

When God Met Me on a Flight with a Pencil and a Piece of Paper

A year almost to the day.

A simple journal and a mechanical pencil fill my hands while I take to the skies in the small confines of my seat on this crowded airplane.

Last year, you'll remember I was being rerouted and missed my connection. I had spent MONTHS trying to talk myself out of doing this whole blog thing. I enjoyed writing and no doubt experienced more of God through it, but surely this was not meant for me...

Surely. (Pronounced "Shirley," of course.)

Why would God keep pressing me to share these words with others? Doesn't He know that's OUT of my comfort zone? Like, wayyyyyyyyy out!

But sitting on that flight a year ago, a poem I've always appreciated came to mind. It was one that spoke of strength in the morning, peace in the evening and a little joy in between. Sitting in these thoughts a while longer, I began to to think about how we all want to live the good life but... what is that exactly?

I thought of Magnolia and the popular phrase - "Today is a good day for a good day."

I thought about how it's a choice. Our choice.

God has graciously and freely extended this invitation of life to the full - the good life - to us out of His great love for us - but it is our choice whether we accept or not.

Few do.

Are we?

Then, I thought about how all of this goes together. Choice. Intention. A good life. A good day. Strength. Joy. Peace. Rest. Repeat.

And if we're going to do this - if we're going to find the courage to live differently and embrace this life to the full He offers, then we're gonna need some encouragement.

Then, the thought of The Good Day came and I wrote the first post on that flight.

That's how God birthed this ministry. I wasn't seeking it out. It found me. And it started with a quiet heart and a mind aligned to His will.

Like I said, here I am again. 1 YEAR LATER - nearly to the day, a different flight but headed to the same destination. I didn't plan to return to the place where all this began, but God's cool like that.

I sit on this flight and I can't help but be a little confused why my elbows are scrunched to my sides between a fellow to my left and a lady to my right while I look up and realize an entire row is EMPTY in front of me.

Mm. 'Cuse me? What happened to social distancing on flights, y'all? Is it already a faint memory we'll tell future generations about? "Once upon a time, they intentionally kept an empty seat between each pass...

The man next to me got up to use the restroom so I took this as my opportunity to move to the empty row...What's the worst thing that could happen? They tell me to go back? I'll gladly take my chances.


Anyway, I'm going to miss the intentional space on airlines.

And hopefully we maintain the intentional thought towards others' well-being.

Last year, intentional was a big word for me. My life was transformed with intentional time with the Lord. He is teaching me more and more about Him through writing.

It's only been 1 year. He's done so much, but I know there's so much He has yet to do. In full disclosure, after months of trying to "fuggetaboutit," I reluctantly told God, "Okayyyy, I'll give it a year..."

I don't think He was upset in the least with my response. I think He was excited to have me join Him and He knew excitement would build in the weeks and months to come as He continued to reveal more of Himself and His character to me.

You know, sometimes obedience is reluctant.

But it's still obedience.

And that one step of reluctant obedience leads to another, then another. Then, soon the obedience isn't reluctant at all! We're excited and eager to take the next step! Truly, we know we are walking in the gifting He has given us when it's not a have-to but a get-to, and even after the longest work day, shifting focus to what He has purposed in us is life-giving - to ourselves and others.

Seek the life-giving things.

Seek the eternal.

Because everything else just fades.

I feel that same way about reading my Bible. Sometimes, it's reluctant obedience. I'd rather sleep a few more minutes and sometimes I'd rather pretty much do anything else. But, I know God speaks through His Word, so even if I open it reluctantly, He meets me there.

Soon, that reluctance is drowned with desire.

I'm not saying we'll have a deep desire for every next step. It may still seem daunting and terribly uncomfortable. (If we find ourselves completely comfortable, I believe we're likely not living in faith. Faith leads us to the uncomfortable time and time again.) But the desire we will have is a deep desire for more of Him, and we trust Him more because of how He has been near and faithful through all the steps before.

What is He calling you to do? Even if your response is "Okayyyyyy," step out in obedience and keep moving forward, friend.

Remember how we learned back in week 2,

The rearview mirror isn't just one big step. No, it's a lot of baby steps that come together to create this new path for you.

Step forward in obedience, even if it's a baby step. Then another. The size of the step is less important. The point is that we obey.

And, y'all, surrender and obedience will change your life. That "Okayyyyy" has been replaced with squeals and cheers and the whole "Why would God keep pressing me to share these words with others?" became "God, seriously, you chose me?! You could have chose anyone, and I'm so humbled and honored to get to join YOU in this."

After all, He is driving this ship, we're all just along for the ride!

And needless to say, I'm THRILLED for year 2! What a ride it will be!

So, I lift my hands and hold this pencil and paper and say, "God, what do YOU want to do?"

Let's find our strength, joy and peace renewed in His faithfulness as we remember what He has done in us and for us. Let's rest in His everlasting name as we take the next step - however small, however shaky, however reluctant - in obedience to the One who can always, always, always be trusted.

The good life, well it starts with a good day. Then another. Then another. Let's choose to live #TheGoodDay one day at a time.

I love hearing from you, so go ahead. Leave a comment. Be brave. Maybe your comment will speak life into someone else!

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Trisha Thompson
Trisha Thompson
Sep 09, 2021

Your blog is most definitely a gift from God, enabling you to use the talent/gift He has given you to bless others. You have blessed me more than you will ever know. Keep on sharing through your blog my sweet sister in Christ. Love you!! Trisha

Candace Cofer
Candace Cofer
Sep 09, 2021
Replying to

Aww, thank you for your kindness and support! Means so much to me. Love you, too!




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