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Theme Songs

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

The Anthems of Our Days

I love game shows.

I grew up watching Super Market Sweep with my Granny Ann, and it's so fun to see it make a comeback!

It's the one where they race around the grocery store trying to fill as many carts as possible to get the highest ticket. At the end, the winner goes to the bonus round, where they have to race around as they try to solve a riddle.

The best part of this show? Well, the best part of the original anyway, it's set in the '90s - so it's definitely the white-washed, high-rise jeans and poofy red, yellow, or teal sweatshirts with white collars underneath.

The sweatshirts as poofy as the hair!

My Granny Ann, well, the lady was a master at figuring out the riddles. It probably had something to do with her morning routine of coffee and word puzzles. She'd wake up every morning at the same time, take the gently wrapped toilet paper off her hair (gotta keep your hair just right 'til Beauty Parlor Thursday's), make a fresh pot of coffee, grab the newspaper, and sit down with my Pa-Paw to do the day's cross-word puzzle while he read the news.

As a kid, I never realized it, but it was their quality time together.

They may not do a lot of talking in the morning, but it gave them time to enjoy being in one another's presence. They celebrated 50 years before my Pa-Paw was called to heaven, so I think there's something to say about making room for quality time with your spouse every day.

But yes, like I was saying - game shows. I like watching these - Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, The Amazing Race. I'm convinced I'll be on The Amazing Race one day. It's just a matter of time.


Guess That Theme Song

So in the spirit of game shows, let's play a game. It's called Guess That Theme Song. I'll give you a line or two from a song and you try to figure out the TV show it's from.


Here we go!

(Scroll down to the end of the post real quick to check your answers.)

So fun reliving the '90s for a moment! Maybe it's the kindergarten teacher in me, but I love a good theme.

I love it so much that I plan a themed Christmas party every year. From The Grinch, Christmas Vacation to Home Alone - hmmm... what will it be this year?!

I better get on that.

So yes, I like a good theme.

And I love music.

But I'm a far cry from being an expert in music. Truly, I'm an inventor of lyrics.

It's bad.

It's been the basis of a few hardy laughs with my friends and colleagues. And the thing is, I hear my version of the lyrics and I will always think, "Huh, that's strange." But then, without fail, I always find a way to justify it to make just enough sense to fit.

I mean, you would think I'd understand Sam Hunt's lyrics given that he sing-speaks, but nah...

I was belting out "Got a girl from the south side, got blazin' hair."

Turns out, he was going for the all-American girl with braids in her hair, while I was picturing a fire-y red head.

The list goes on and on. From Macklemore to a worship song that sang "boast" but I turned into "ghost."

I thought, "Hmm, maybe the Holy Ghost? Yeah, yeah, that's it."


So all to say, I'm not an expert by any means on music or lyrics, but I do love it. I love the song the first time I hear it, and I love it even more the fiftieth time when I finally realize what it's saying.

New Strings

Listening to the radio the other day while running a few errands, the Charlie Daniels' classic, The Devil Went Down to Georgia, came on.

Now, if you've heard this song, you know this is not a background, keep-driving-without-noticing type of song.

For one, it's Charlie Daniels. He holds nothin' back.

For two, it's the put-your-boots-on, toe-tappin', foot-stompin' kind. Try listening without tappin' your toe, I dare ya. It just doesn't happen.

Listening to it this time, though, sparked a new idea. altogether crazy, new, unbelievably ambitious idea.

I - the not musical, inventor of lyrics, only ever beginner-level Guitar Hero player - should learn violin so I can play this song!

Now, you may be laughing. And, you'd fit in perfectly with all of my friends. Shoot, I was laughing at the thought, too. I mean, I played viola in fifth and sixth grade, a little piano before that, but can I even read music still?

Not really...

But if Charlie Daniels can do it, I can do it, right??? Wide-eyed with the thought of a new challenge, the wheels in my mind were already spinning. And you should know, I like a good challenge.

So fast forward a week or two, and I'm buying a brand new, beginner's violin off of Craig's List.

I get home and I'm so excited to see how much I've remembered.

Good posture.

Bow in proper hand position.

Wrist straight.

I bring the bow to the strings, and the worst, most ear-covering, screeching, scratchy sound comes forth.

I stare at my instrument, still on my shoulder, in complete and utter disbelief.

Immediate buyer's remorse sets in, y'all.

Candace, this was not a good idea.

Not at all.

Unable to return the instrument (because the frugal, bargain hunter in me chose to buy it off of Craig's List), I resolve to figure this out.

I tighten the bow.

That helped a lot.

Then, I notice... the bridge is missing!

Ah! The bridge!

Okay, it's going to be fine, y'all. I'll just loosen the strings to place the bridge and then, I'm sure I'll hear a decent sound, even if not a pleasant sound, come forth.

It worked. But there was one little problem...

I popped a string.


Going to the music store that next week, the store owner is replacing my string and mistakenly assumes this beginner violin is for my child.

He's not off base in thinking I could have a child. Although I pray and hope children are in my future (as well as a good lookin' man who makes me laugh and loves Jesus more than he loves me), I don't have any children. I don't even have a dog, y'all.

But the store owner kept on so by the time I could tell him I have no children of my own and I am the beginner using this violin, it seems all too much to explain, so I just embrace it.

That is a very Candace trait, by the way. I just go with it. See me at the grocery store and mistakenly call me by my sister's name? There's a good chance I'll smile and converse and relay the message to Amy for you. We're two and a half years apart but we should have been twins.

The whole beginner violin mistake though worked out in my favor, because he ended up adding the beginner's tape for finger placements for me. Well, for my child as he believed...

My first night with new strings, I videoed myself playing Hot Crossed Buns. Family and a few friends got to hear my squeaky, beginner take on the ol' recorder favorite. Caption read:

Did I hear a request from the crowd for Hot Crossed Buns?! Gotta give the people what they want! Keep 'em happy!

I can now say I can play a mean Hot Crossed Buns, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Ode to Joy, Hallelujah, and reliving my childhood with Can You Feel the Love Tonight? from The Lion King. Even starting to mix in a little Elvis Presley in these practice sessions.

We're making strides, people!

The Devil Went Down to Georgia will be on that list, too, someday. Just you wait!

Music in Crisis

As is true for a lot of artistry and creativity, some of the most meaningful songs can be born in pain.

In college, I took a music in crisis class. We studied a wide range of music, even the rise of rap and hip-hop. From in-depth discussions on Beastie Boys in NY and rap during the '92 LA riots to music born during the Underground Railroad, we would listen to songs and talk.

Not your typical class, and I liked it that way. I would leave knowing more and wondering even more.

Still to this day, if I watch The Titanic, I'm struck by those whose response to the chaos onboard the sinking ship is to pull out their instruments. I'd probably be the one pushing and shoving to get on the life boat!

But instead, they play music.

It's beautiful. It may be my favorite scene in the movie.

Here's why.

In times of crisis, I seek strength in music, too.

In the pain, my heart is looking for connection. Looking for the words to express how I feel. I hear a song and realize someone else has felt this, too, and they've already found the words.

What's your go-to response to crisis? Slam the breaks? Raise your voice? Escape and run away? Drown out the noise? Do nothing? Phone a friend for advice?

Like an iceberg, most of the danger is beneath the surface in times of crisis. Our response must be based on the unseen, too. We cannot rely on what we see but what we can't see. We must walk by faith.

For we live by faith, not by sight. - 2 Corinthians 5:7

I've found it's much easier to walk and live by faith when I first and continually sing by faith.

In times of sorrow or waiting upon the Lord, I find strength in a worship song. I sing it every day. I write the lyrics on a sticky note and remind my heart to look up.

The song becomes my anthem - my theme song - through the long days and nights.

Then, as the season passes, I may hear the song on the radio or sing it at church, and it is now a beautiful offering of thanksgiving. I remember where God has brought me, how He was faithful, and I am filled with renewed joy and peace for the next season.

My Current Anthem?

It's called Bet All I Have by Mission House. They sing,

There's so much that I don't see But I see You, but I see You And there's so much that I don't know But I know You, but I know You And there's so much that I don't understand But I have seen Your goodness And it's just enough, that I'll Bet all I have on You, I bet all I have on You I bet all I have on You, I bet all I have on You 'Cause only a fool would find real love and just give it up I bet all I have on You, I bet all I have on You ...Jesus, You're worth it I bet all I have on You - Mission House, Bet All I Have

I challenge you to ask the Lord to reveal a song to you. Let the words be a source of strength, joy and peace to you now and in the seasons to come. May you find rest from your anxious thoughts as you remind your heart and mind of truth.

Stand upon His truth. Sing His truth as your anthem and your theme through this season. Let's belt it Charlie Daniels-style in the midst of the unexpected, Titanic icebergs of our lives.

The good life, well it starts with a good day. Then another. Then another. Let's choose to live #TheGoodDay one day at a time.

And the tv shows are...

I love hearing from you, so go ahead. Leave a comment. Be brave. Maybe your comment will speak life into someone else!


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